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Annual Financial Report Highlights

  • The annual revenues and the expenditures of Tainan City Government’s general final account report in FY2015 were NT$ 70.99 billion and NT$ 69.53 billion. The surplus was NT$ 1.46 billion. It was the first time that the Tainan City Government overturned the balance from deficit to surplus over the past 16 years.
  • The deficit of annual revenues and expenditures over the past 6 years were as follows: NT$ 6.756 billion in FY2010, NT$ 5.958 billion in FY2011, NT$ 4.967 billion in FY2012, NT$ 4.429 billion in FY2013 and NT$ 1.939 billion in FY2014. The deficit of the general final account report over the past 6 years had reduced year by year.
  • Over the past 6 years, the rates of owner financial resources were as follows: 48.64% in FY2010, 50.78% in FY2011, 59.56% in FY2012, 64.8% in FY2013, 65.49% in FY2014 and 69.82% in FY2015. The rates of owner financial resources had increased year by year.
  • It showed that the Tainan City Government did not expand the expenditure scale over the past 6 years since the former Tainan City and County were merged in 2010. Instead, in order to improve the budget deficit, the Tainan City Government had to control the budget implementation strictly and increase the revenues. Therefore, the Tainan City Government achieved the budget surplus in FY2015.